Treat yourselves to an enchanting evening at Kat 'n Marlins Place in Yuma, Az, with the enchanting "Illusion of Elvis" by Danny Vernon. Seating begins at 4:00 PM, setting the stage for an intimate dinner experience crafted by The Smokin Hen House at 4:30 PM. Delight in a sumptuous menu featuring Marry Me Chicken, Rib Tips, Shrimp & Cheezy Grits, and Southern Bread Pudding. As the clock strikes 5:30 PM, let the musical prowess of Danny Vernon serenade you and your partner, transporting you back to the iconic era of Elvis. Don't miss this opportunity to share a delightful meal and create lasting memories in a setting brimming with nostalgic charm. For questions, call 928-750-3216.